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Heighten Awareness

Eliminate Stigmas

Allocate Resources

Live Victoriously

About One Day At (A) Time

One Day At (a) Time was birthed by Nicole Eason-Melvin in 2013. The purpose of this organization is to be a Mental and Physical Health Platform/ Resource for the community. This is accomplished through the A Time to H.E.A.L. Movement.

(H)eighten Awareness about Mental Health

(E)liminate Stigmas about Mental Health

(A)llocate Resources for Mental and Physical Health

(L)ive Victoriously

Via this movement One Day At (a) Time is a resource in the community for all things related to Personal Health and Wellness. Mental Health is our primary focus. However,  Living Victoriously requires a complex focus on Five aspects of Personal health which include Spiritual, Social, Intellectual, Physical, and Mental Wellness.

Therefore, as a Nurse Founder Nicole Eason- Melvin incorporates all aspects of Personal health into her initiative to foster healthier individuals.

Listed below are our current initiatives.

1. Develop, Coordinate, and foster events that cater to the Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual and Social well-being of
community citizens.
2. Provide Resources for Families/Individuals with Mental and Physical Health Needs
3. Effective Networking with Local Community Organizations that provide resources for the community.
4. Offer Educational and Motivational Mental/Physical health resources for Churches, Community and
Corporate Events.

Nicole Eason-Melvin, LPN, Founder, Motivational Speaker, Humanitarian is available for the following:

1. Motivational Speaking
2. Church, Community, Workplace Corporate Events (Mental/Physical Health Workshops,
Congregation/Team Building)
3. Event Planning for Mental/Physical Health Fairs
4. Mental/Physical Health Event Collaboration

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